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Welcome to Monster Broadband, Inc

Monster Broadband is a privately funded, Tennessee based company that is rapidly growing.  We are classified and incorporated and have filed with the FCC as a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider).  Monster owns and operates broadband networks capable of delivering high speed internet services and voice service to residential and commercial customers located within our current service areas.  Monster specializes in communities that do not currently have DSL or cable modem services.  We are equipped with the technical capability and network facilities necessary to provide such broadband services via wireless technology.  Monster offers four data plans and unlimited voice.  We provide 24/7 live tech support for our customers, 365 days a year.

We do not need wires.  Since we own our networks and do not rent wires from the phone companies, we can deliver high quality bandwidth to customers with installation times in 3 to 5 days at significantly lower prices than the competition.  All we have to do is install our subscriber unit in your home or business, point the small antenna toward one of our towers, and immediately you can have high speed service.  No more waiting days or weeks.  Our team of professionals have decades of telecom experience and multiple certifications in the industry.  They have worked in all areas from field support to engineering, design and even sales.  And they have done it nationally.

With 40 plus towers currently servicing customers, and new towers in the process of being built, our coverage is rapidly expanding throughout Middle Tennessee.  We at Monster Broadband take pride in what we do and we Go The Mile to service our customers.